Vintage Car Care Tips During Winter Weather

Your car’s health represents a significant part of your investment. Therefore, it is imperative that you give it proper maintenance and take good care of it. This in turn will ensure that it remains in good shape even in an unforgiving winter wealth. Fortunately, here are some tips that will ensure that you take good care of your car in cold weather; Proper Battery Maintenance Winter weather can have terrible consequences on your car battery due to lack of use. However, there are two ways that you can make sure the cold weather does not impair your car battery. One, you can use a trickle charger to ensure that your car battery is always topped up. Secondly, you can simply disconnect the battery from your car. Both of these options have a downside because the first might weaken the battery and the second option might drain the battery but at a slower rate. Regular Use of Your Car Despite the unfavorable driving condition during winter, you must ensure that you use your car regularly. Regular usage of your car ensures that the all its parts are ‘exercised’; hence, your car will run smoothly and effectively. However, regular car usage does not mean starting your car up and leaving it running for some time. Underseal Your Car Undersealing or having your cars cavities wax injected during winter weather would be advantageous to your car. Such moves will not only ensure that your car is not plagued with rust but also that it remains dust-free. Clean Your Car Properly Ensuring that your car is properly cleaned play a focal role in your car’s care and maintenance. Even though dust may seem harmless, it is a silent killer that slowly damages the color of your car. Therefore, it would be important that you painstakingly and meticulously valet your car before laying it up for winter. Use the Right Antifreeze Mixture Using an ineffective or wrong antifreeze mix on your car is a sure recipe for damaging it. It is also important that you get the antifreeze mixture right lest it corrodes everything it touches in your engine. 30:70 or 50:50 would be an ideal combination.

How To Look after your Classic Car

Classic cars in storage can sustain damage without ever being driven. To prevent tarnished, or even corroded metal work, on the body, make sure that the garage or storage location is dry. Storage bubbles like the Carcoon or a dehumidifier works wonders. Even though you aren’t driving your classic on a regular basis, it’s important to start it up a minimum of twice a month. Keep it running until the engine reaches normal running temperature. Drive it a short distance periodically to test the brakes, clutch, and hydraulics. Either use a trickle charger or completely disconnect the battery. This is especially important if you’ll be away for an extended amount of time and you won’t be able to start it up. Your battery will last longer and you won’t have to jump start it. Check your fluids regularly and top them off. Newer cars don’t need maintenance between service, but the classics do. Check the oil, water, brake, and clutch fluids regularly and don’t take your car out until you’ve topped the fluids off. Auto service should be scheduled at least once a year, including an oil change. The brakes, suspension, tyres, and steering should be inspected and serviced as well, if the car is MOT exempt. Specialist dealers are more likely to understand your car and its quirks better than a non-specialist. In addition, a specialist service stamp in your cars service book provides a documented history of service for your vehicle, which is good to have when you are ready to sell it. A written history of service by a specialist helps you to keep up with your car’s needs. A customised car loses value. Keep it as close to its original state to ensure that you can sell it for maximum value in the future. If you do decide to upgrade working parts such as the steering, brakes, ignition system, or suspension, hold onto the original parts for the next owner, in case they wish to restore it to its original condition. Label the parts and store them.

Best Classic Car and Motorbike Restoration Firms in the World

Forget your hi-tech BMW or the next hybrid car off the factory floor, when it comes to style and kudos you can’t beat a classic car or motorbike. These gleaming snapshots of our motoring history have become a passion for many people who are looking for something different. In garages and streets across the world, these enthusiasts are lovingly restoring, rebuilding, repairing and reviving some of the classics of the golden age of motoring.